Issues That Matter to Us

24 10 2012

Please post a blog comment using ethos, pathos, logos to communicate your interest in the issue that matters to you and invite us to take action. Use Ms. Blog as an example (10/25 on graduates’ pay gap between men and women) of a blog that uses evidence to write about the issue as well as personal experience–aim for 2 or 3 sources from a variety of viewpoints and use MLA to cite your sources–1,000 words posted by Monday 10/29 @ 10 am.



11 11 2009

What causes transgender-ness?

In what ways does choice play a role in the lives of those who are transgendered?

If we accept that gender is a cultural construct, in what ways has the construct changed over time since the 1960s when the gay/lesbian revolution took place?

See links to Transgender sites.

Women & Work v Women & Sex Work?

22 10 2009

See the Sex Work links for the latest addition: “Paycheck Feminism”

Sex Work

16 10 2009

What are the benefits of continuing to outlaw sex work and what are the drawbacks?

Check out the links under Sex Work for points and counterpoints.

How does or should the media influence our perceptions of beauty?

29 09 2009

“Onslaught” by Dove Self-Esteem posted this video on You Tube–how does Dove Self-Esteem think the media influences little girls?

What images in the media shape your own self-esteem and ideas of beauty?

Click the link Onslaught under “Media” to view.

The Body Beautiful?

23 09 2009

Who possesses the most beautiful body in the world?

What makes that person’s body beautiful?

What have you been told, what have you seen and heard about what makes a person’s body beautiful? 

Who or what do you look to for examples of what makes a person’s body beautiful?

What are the similarities and differences between your own ideas about beautiful bodies and those of your or others’ culture/ race/ ethnicity/ religion and gender/sexual identity?

Check out the online ‘Zine links under “Body Beautiful” for a variety of  beautiful bodies!

Humor to Address Differences in Race and Sexuality?

14 09 2009


Many who do comedy use humor to address the tensions we have around race and sexuality.  Below are two links, the first from Letterman about same gender & heterosexual marriage and the second a commentary by African American commentator Yolando Young about what she calls a, “growing trend of black comedians chiding the pathologies that plague segments of the African-American community.” 

Please read and view the links under “Humor” and tell us what purpose YOU think humor has in addressing the tensions we feel around race and sexuality.