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24 10 2012

Please post a blog comment using ethos, pathos, logos to communicate your interest in the issue that matters to you and invite us to take action. Use Ms. Blog as an example (10/25 on graduates’ pay gap between men and women) of a blog that uses evidence to write about the issue as well as personal experience–aim for 2 or 3 sources from a variety of viewpoints and use MLA to cite your sources–1,000 words posted by Monday 10/29 @ 10 am.




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5 11 2012
Nicole Beliveau


This day in age, one would think that equality would finally be here, however, the battle of the sexes continues, naturally in the favor of men. To this day in 2012, women only get paid $0.77 to every man’s $1.00. Where is the equality in that?
Although women today are surpassing men in their education, and the grades they earn while obtaining their degrees, they continue to be left behind when it comes to the end payout. So what is it exactly that makes employers give a higher salary to males over females?
One article suggests that it may be due to the fact that women generally spend more time raising their children. How can that be a legitimate reason? Another article provides statistics stating that men generally work an estimated 8.14 hours per day compared to a woman’s 7.75. But does that mean that women should have to maintain a smaller salary than men from the start?
It’s 2012 and our world today is still dealing with sexism. With how far we’ve come, we should be wise enough to see this as a fault and adjust it. So who’s going to change it?


5 11 2012
Dominique Quarltere

Kony 2012 is a world wide outbreak that is affecting the nation in a very negative way. In Africa there are thousands of innocent children being taken by soldier who are also children. Their plan is damage, hurt, kill and conquer other tribes. If this isn’t bad enough, a man, Kony, is to be blamed for this horrible outbreak. This is a recent event in history, but it is one of the more important ones. Kony wants power, and what better way then to use defenseless children. There is a group who call themselves “Invisible Children.” Their video was released March 5, 2012. As of October 17, 2012 the video had spread around the world and had 93 million views. They go to schools and colleges to speak about this epidemic. They are a group of about six and they made a video that gives you the outline of this story. They go to Africa to help clothe, feed and teach the families in need. They became good friends with one of the kids that was once a child soldier. He told them what he had to do and what places they had attacked. He was a key source in this film, he also attended the school visits. One way the “Invisible Children” are spreading the word even more than the video is “Cover the Night.” This is event took place on April 20, 2012. Every major city had people that put up posters that talked about Kony 2012 and hoped the citizens would notice them and look more into it. Unfortunately the outcome was much less than they anticipated it to be. One way to help these poor people solve this problem is by getting the government involved. At the moment there are many different things they are dealing with, but if we show them how important this is to us then maybe we can make a difference. Obama has recently sent military troops to help the Central African troops take Kony out, but as of right now he is still out there. The “Invisible Children” also have a stop Kony campaign that includes some well known celebrities. Some of the people are George Clooney, Angelina Joile, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift and Ryan Seacrest. Many celebrities endorse the awareness campaign as well, like Rhianna, Christina Milian, Nicki Minaj, Bill gates and Kim Kardashian.
Some positive things about Kony 2012 is that Human Rights Watch is helping with capturing him. They have been looking into this for a while and they are putting a lot of effort and money into finding him and stopping him from continuing this disgusting war. Famous journalists are writing about him and advising people start helping this group with stopping Kony. The negatives about the “Invisible Children” program is people think its is contributing a black and white picture rather than encouraging the viewers to read more into it. Amanda Weisbaum who helps with the War Child charity believes that getting rid of one person doesn’t stop the problem. That may be true, but he is the person who started this outbreak and is we take the leader away from the army you have a better chance at stopping them.
As of right Kony is still out there raping and pillaging villages and taking their children. America needs to come together and help fight this man. We need to help stop Kony.

7 11 2012
Felipe D.

Felipe Dauphine

November 2

Needing to Shout

Blog Post

Gun Control

Gun control has become a hot button topic in this country. All across the 50 states the mention of gun laws sparks debate. In larger cities like New York, Chicago, etc who struggle with gun crimes, have stricter penalties for those who are found with illicit firearms. What makes it real tough on the local police forces in these cities is the fact that most of the gun crimes committed in urban areas are usually from an illegal gun. It was found in 2010 in Cook County, Illinois which is the county where Chicago is located, 75% of the homicides were with the use of an illegal firearm. Chicago once again finds itself in the midst of an all out gang war in the Southside neighborhoods. Chicago already has 430 murders committed for the year 2012 and is on pace to eclipse 500 for the first time since 2003. Gun buy back programs have been used to get these illegal guns of the street and into the hands of police. The Boston Police department offered $200 Target gift cards to those who turned in handguns with or without ammunition. Rifles and shotguns were also accepted with no reward. Detroit, MI did a similar gun buy back program as well but as 2011 no other U.S. city has held a gun buy back program. Gun violence is not only found in our streets but it’s entering our schools. In April 2007, terror struck the Virginia Tech campus when Seung-Hui Cho went on a shooting spree and killing 32 students as well as professor before turning the gun on himself. The United States ranks top 5 with most gun crimes along with South Africa, Colombia, and Thailand which average over 9,000 deaths a year due to guns. Canada who is next door to the United States only had 144 people killed due to guns. The city of Chicago more than doubles the murder rate by guns than Canada. Guns are poisoning are kids for the future. Too many times have young children and innocent law abiding citizens have been caught in the crossfire and killed by a stray bullet. In Boston several parks are named after kids who were slain in the streets by stray bullets. Jermaine Goffigan, Stephen P. Odom are just a few that come to my mind. One heartbreaking story that had the city upset and started the motion to have these guns off the street. One of my friends, a regular neighborhood kid, Soey was waiting for the bus at 7am like every other day. Soey was minding his own business and then a car pulled up firing bullets. Soey took his last breath that morning and his body turned cold laying on Dudley St. Soey was only 15 when he was killed. Growing up in a rough neighborhood in Boston, young people who wanted make something out of themselves always seemed to be the victims. Soey’s story is a story all too familiar with others in the city. Young people shouldn’t be dying as victims for a troubled world they didn’t help destroy.

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