Women & Work v Women & Sex Work?

22 10 2009

See the Sex Work links for the latest addition: “Paycheck Feminism”




One response

4 11 2009
Nicole Croteau

After reading a few of the articles is seems that most of the US thinks womwn working is a positive thing. It was 81% of the population for it, what I find suprising is that 19% of the population doesn’t think its positive. Women have been working for a few decades now. It suprises me that some people are still opposed to women being part of the work force. Our generation has grown up with thinking men and women are equal, at least I hope so but men still make more money then women and some men still believe they are superior to all women.

Touching on a point made in one of the articles where they discusses what two female film directors looked like who were up for awards instead of their accomplishments is done not just in the film industry. Its really saddening to think that men objectify women in the media but they still do. There is more focus on what women look like then what they can do.

Going back to the most recent presidential election there was a ton of focus on what Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin were wearing. Everytime they referred to either one of them in the media they would comment on their clothes or hair and talk about how much money was spent on their looks. This was never brought up with the men running in this election. No one focused on how stylish and expensive Obama’s shoes were but they certainly did on Sarah Palin’s. For our society to objectify some of our female politicians who were running for very high positions even makes it seem like women are less important then men.

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