How does or should the media influence our perceptions of beauty?

29 09 2009

“Onslaught” by Dove Self-Esteem posted this video on You Tube–how does Dove Self-Esteem think the media influences little girls?

What images in the media shape your own self-esteem and ideas of beauty?

Click the link Onslaught under “Media” to view.




2 responses

5 10 2009

Dove Self-Esteem seems to believe that the media influences girls through billboards and advertisements telling them that the ideal is thinner/softer/younger. While I tend to doubt the impact of billboards specifically, I think the ubiquitous advertisement of wrinkle-removers, diet programs, etc. has a sometimes sinister power over women’s ideas of their own beauty. How likely is it that a woman, in a cultural vacuum, could look in a mirror and wish that her thighs were thinner, or that her nose was smaller, or that her breasts pointed up like LOLcats in awe?

7 12 2009
Wilka Murphy

I watched the video and found it very interesting and very true. Children sit through commercials and tv ads in between their favorite shows; they see all of this playing out before them and due to their naive minds do not know how to tell the difference between truth and reality. I think the video is especially true to the idea that young girls are affected by the media. As a woman, it is very hard to be yourself, girl friends who think they may be doing you a favor by telling you not to wear pants a certain way because it’s not the “style” are victims of this media onslaught. Some may feel they are more than capable of ignoring what others say but some things stay in the mind even if one cannot see it. I certainly see commercials of skinny women, with almost too perfect skin, great hair, and I think ‘wow I wish I had great hair like that’ or ‘wouldn’t it be nice to be comfortable in a two piece bikini?’ but in the end if I am not comfortable in my own skin then who will be there to encourage me? Nobody really since we all get sucked in one time or another…I have learned that no one has perfect skin, no one has great hair ALL the time, no one can be so skinny without having to sacrifice the simple pleasure of eating some ice cream or some pizza once in a while. And who wants that? A life so restricted is not for me…I’m glad some companies are finally advertising the right images and ideas

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